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The traditional dream catcher has been linked to the Ojibwa Indians as a protective amulet. A dream catcher weave mimics a spider web intended to catch the bad dreams in the net while allowing the good dreams to pass through the center.

The netting in the dream catcher is significant of the web of life and the idea that all living things are connected in nature. The feathers allow the bad dreams that were caught over night to drip down them to be burned away with the morning sun.

Crystals are woven into these dream catchers for their healing powers and connection to dreaming and the subconscious.

Native American culture believes that "dreams are the messengers to the spirit world and everyday life"

While respecting the traditional intent of the dream catchers significance the artist creates each of the dream catchers unique pieces to bring forth ancient wisdom to our modern life.

All Bulletproof Aura dream catchers are handcrafted by designer Callie Mahoney. 

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